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Library Media Center

library media center
Welcome to the Congress Library Media Center!
The  Library Media Center welcomes the opportunity to serve the information needs of the entire student body, faculty and staff of Congress Middle School. We look forward to seeing you in the library! We promote lifelong reading, learning and information literacy, integrating technology into a flexible and collaborative environment to meet the school curriculum, as well as the individual learning needs and pleasure reading interests of students and teachers.

Helpful Library Media Center Information

Expand each panel below to read about our LMC policies and expectations, and watch helpful videos to help you use our resources. 


Just the word can make you feel a little nervous and overwhelmed. You immediately start asking a lot of questions like What? How? Why? and the most important question... How many points is this project worth???

Don't worry! A research project isn't so difficult when you break it up into chunks. Follow the formula laid out here, and you will soon be sharing your research results like a PRO! 

And remember, your school Library Media Center, and in fact, any library, is a great place to ask for research help and find reliable resources. 

The Culture of Research

Recommended Books

These websites can help you pick out your next book. 

2023-2024 Mark Twain Award Nominees

2023-2024 Truman Award Nominees 

Marianne Curtis

Library Media Specialist

Contact Ms. Curtis

Michelle Stoll

Library Media Assistant

Contact Michelle Stoll

Media Center Hours:

7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15th to October 15th is Hispanic Heritage Month! Click here for a list of books with Hispanic culture, characters, and authors in Destiny.  

Black History Month

February is Black History Month! Click here to access our library's collection of fiction and nonfiction books celebrating African and African-American history, contributions, creativity, lives, and stories. 

E-Books and Audio Books

E-books and Audio books are available to our students and staff. Install the Sora App to your electronic device in order to download books.  

  • Students may download the app to their devices and check-out items.
  • EBSCO: K-8 e-book selections
  • Sora: Student may download app to their devices, search for e-books and audio books, download books to a bookshelf, track their progress, and earn badges/achievements for reading. 
  • Cameron's Collection: a resource for teen health     and wellness eBooks. password: parkhill.