Step 3: Be a Creative Communicator

Now it's time to summarize your research. What did you learn? And how are you going to share your new knowledge? Try some creative presentation options other than a slide presentation to really capture your audience's attention and communicate your ideas! It's important to think about how to communicate your new knowledge with your audience in an engaging way. Check out the options below for some ideas on how to present your information. 

Blabberizephoto editing tool that creates talking animations from a photo or other image brainstorming and mind mapping

Canva: online posters

Emazecreate customized presentations, websites, blogs

Pear Deckcreate an interactive and community-focused classroom 

Powtoonscreate engaging, animated videos 

Prezipresentation software that uses motion, zoom, and spatial relationships to bring your ideas to life 

Storyboards: create comic strips

Sliderocket: presentation creation tool that allows you to create full-featured presentations that include audio, video, images and special effects.

Sway in Microsoft Office: create a blog or webpage

ToonDoo: comic creating tool

Voki: create your own talking character for a presentation