Cougar Basketball

Cougar Basketball 18-19

These are the Cougar HOME games.  Listed below are the dates, opponents, team that is home, and game time.  If the boys team is at home then the girls play the same opponent away and vice versa.  Students attending games need to arrange for a ride to pick them up by 6pm 

11/19 Kearney (B) 4:00
11/27 Platte Co (G) 4:00
11/29 Liberty North (B) 4:00
12/13 New Mark (G)
12/18 Smithville (G) 4:00
1/8 Brittany Hill (B) 4:00
1/10 Grandview (B) 4:00
1/15 Bingham (G) 4:00
1/17 Grain Valley (B) 4:00
1/22 Lakeview (G) 4:00

Participation Physical