Cougar Character Words

Cougar Character Words
Cougars have Character!!

Character words change each month. 
January- Acceptance- Accepting the differences and the uniqueness of others and celebrating the common ground we share.  
February- Honesty- Being truthful in what you say and do. 
March- Cooperation- Working together toward common goals.
April- Perseverance- Demonstrating determination and commitment to complete a task. 
May- Patience- Ability to remain calm and to wait for what you want. 
June- Confidence- Freedom from doubt and believing in yourself. 
July- Integrity- Always doing the right thing even when no one else is watching.
August- Respect- Treating others with courtesy and honor
September- Responsibility- Taking ownership in what you say and do. 
October- Self-Control- Having control over one's actions, words and actions. 
November- Citizenship- Being loyal to your school, community and country. 
December- Compassion- Caring for others with kindness.